About Us

About Us

Glorynewstvonline is an online platform aimed at spinning information to the Masses about The Latest Gospel Gatherings, Happenings, and Events, with videos, photos, and posters with write-ups, and mash-ups, from before, during, and after Gospel Happenings and Events along with the most trending General News.

Glorynewstvonline Team announces preaching programs for Churches Known to All, Gospel Events, Christian Music Events, and all forms of Gospel Happenings across Ghana, Naija, South Africa, and the Americas.

Basically, we focus on the known Names And then later on the unknown names, and that is in the future!
About Us Glorynewstvonline
About Us Glorynewstvonline

Mission:’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for the Lord Jesus Christ and His Work on earth through the Gospel to gain presence through the firm Glorynews TV Online while helping readers to find out what’s happening in the domains in connection with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well. All content listed on is sourced without payment to content partners, and takes no financial payments from our content partners for generating traffic.



Our editorial objective is to inform readers of relevant gospel content, gospel news, and general information. We also provide a forum for the advancement of industry causes. We are objective, fair, and honest in our coverage. Our mission is to offer information and ideas that interest and inform readers. We use a variety of resources to gather and deliver content and/or report on the fraternity we cover. We encourage those who advertise on our sites to provide us with information to be used in news, but any inclusion of content on this site is determined by its editorial value, solely as determined by the editorial staff.

  • Our editorial mandate is to inform our audience of gospel content, gospel news, and general information, and resources relevant to our chosen fraternity. We strive to be an unbiased source; in that, we publish only information that we believe to be relevant and important. Our foremost goal in reporting gospel content, gospel news, and general information are to be accurate, truthful, balanced, and fair to all parties.
  • We welcome and value any and all reader feedback and criticism.
  • encourages readers and the gospel fraternity to contribute columns, commentaries, and blogs. Guidelines for these columns are that they focus on topics of interest to our readership; that they do not serve as an overly promotional tool for a company or product; that they are not malicious and/or libelous; and that they are truthful.
  • We are not responsible for the accuracy of the content or other resources provided by outside parties. Links are checked for accuracy at the time of publication, but we recognize that the Internet is a changing medium and these links may become invalid or change.
  • Once a news item is published, we attempt to contact individuals featured or quoted in the story immediately after it appears on the site. If those individuals point out an error of fact, we will immediately correct the inaccuracy. We do not, as a matter of policy, change direct quotes or make other changes to accurate copy once published, unless, in our judgment, the change serves to improve the story.
  • We will accurately label various types of content. Content that is provided by an industry source will be labeled to distinguish it from original and exclusive content produced and written by’s editors and freelancers.
  • We strive to meet the highest standards for accuracy and completeness. It is our policy to immediately correct any factual error as soon as we become aware of it and can verify it.
  • Opinions expressed by bloggers are those of our valued contributors. We do not necessarily share or endorse those opinions.
  • Factual errors should be reported to our editorial department, identifying the story and details of the error. We will immediately investigate any claim of inaccuracy.
All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. All content cited is derived from their respective sources.

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